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2021 Project Funding Recipients

Williams Bay Women’s Civic League selected the 2021 project funding recipients; committing over $4,000 to area organizations dedicated to benefit and enhance the lives of area youth and over $215,000 in our storied history.

Project funding recipients were presented their checks at the May 11th general membership meeting held at the Williams Bay Elementary School.

2021 Project Funding Recipients:

Williams Bay Public Library, Williams Bay Rec. Department, Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy, Williams Bay Elementary School, Open Arms Clinic, Agape House, Stop Human Trafficking, Smiles (Special Methods in Learning Equine Skills)

(Pictured from left: Williams Bay Rec. Department Director Dave Rowland and Assistant Department Specialist Kendra Jenski, Williams Bay Elementary Principal Dr. Ali Bond, Agape House Pam Patterson, S.M.I.L.E.S. Kim Good, Stop the Movement Dawn Heath-Fiedler, Kishwauketoe (KNC) Harold Friestad, Open Arms Clinic Judy Johnson, Assistant Library Director Emily Sanders, Barrett Memorial Library Director Joy Schnupp)

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